Introducing alt-pop duo Nox Holloway, listen + watch ‘Separate Ways’

June 4, 2021

Meet anonymous alt/pop duo Nox Holloway with their debut single, ‘Separate Ways’. Listen HERE, watch HERE.

It’s a familiar tale – strangers become friends at college, friends connect over music, friends form a band. And so begins the inception of Nox Holloway. A producer and a vocalist join together, fresh-faced and inspired to create uplifting and considered music to soundtrack their youth.  

The impetus to release? As was the narrative of 2020, COVID-19 paused their studies abroad, brought them home. It was in the collective feeling of time lost felt around the world, that became the motivation to finish their songs and share their project with the world. 

The pair share, “This song will always be special to us as it is Nox Holloway’s debut single. We wanted the production mainly focused on maintaining a bounce and flow from left to right, with some fun interjections along the way. The story follows the progression of meeting someone new, planning to further that relationship, and then never seeing those plans through.

Stay tuned for me from Nox Holloway soon. 

Separate Ways’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

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