Introducing Angeles

July 18, 2022


Photo by Fury Glanville

Introducing Angeles, the project of Pluto Sotiropoulos who arrives today with ‘Simon‘ via Broth Records (PeiCoconut Cream). LISTEN HERE.

Simon‘ is a vignette of childhood, threaded through the shenanigans of friendship. Dedicated to an early childhood friend who passed away after their high school years, the original demo lay largely unfinished into his 20s when Pluto spread his wings across an array of musical outfits in Sydney, until now recently completed as Angeles“I don’t even know if he would have liked it, but there’s a part of me that thinks he might” he shares.

Speaking to ‘Simon‘s sonic make-up, Pluto explains “The song just kinda came to life with this 90s groove while I was jamming on my acoustic guitar one afternoon, similar to the music we listened to when we were kids, and it just made me think of him, and then all the memories of the times we spent together came flooding back; running ruckus in the Sutherland Shire, scheming all kinds of pranks to pull on his older brother and their friends, lighting fires under bridges and running wild in the nature reserve behind his house. For me it was a trip to think of that fossilised youth we shared, he lived life and influenced me in a way that was disjointed with the world around us and the precious and unknown nature of our trajectory was something that I was happy to be reminded of while writing this song.”

Part shoegaze, part lo-fi, ‘Simon‘ rides on angular guitars that ebb and flow with its retrospective stanzas, melancholic with memory but bucolic through intent. Recorded at James Christowski‘s basement studio, tracking ‘Simon‘ brought with it the opportunity for experimentation with rich vocal layering and real, live drums. For Pluto, he credits this clarity both to Christowski’s engineering alongside his own pursuit of re-learning to write and produce music from home. Inspired by taking time and some of bedroom music’s biggest names, ‘Simon‘ is an exciting peek into what’s to come from Angeles

Pluto‘s music exists in a liminal space of story, dream and culture, motivated in part by his Greek heritage and family’s migration to Eora / Sydney in the 1960s. As Angeles, he crafts textural tapestries of beautiful tragedies drawn from his own lived experiences, human interactions and temporal dream states, bridging the foreboding lyricism of Adam Newling with Alex G’s inventive nature alongside Hatchie and Tyne-James Organ’s captivating hooks. Sotiropoulos‘ solo project extends live alongside friends Mitchell Sexty (guitar), Oscar Henfrey (drums) and Nick Savvas (bass) who build another layer of depth and darkness into his songs, delivering mesmerising live shows alongside Adam Newling and Indigo Sparke. Stay tuned as Angeles steadies to reveal more in time. 

Simon‘ is out now via Broth Records, buy/stream here.

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