About 23

twnty three is an independent music management and PR company based in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California.

Current Australia PR: Airling, Alex Cameron, Altopalto, Arno Faraji, Bodega, Body Type, Cautious Clay, Chinatown Slalom, dijon, Dune Rats, FUR, Gauci, Jay Cooper & Apollo Renegade, Joji, Kelsey Bulkin, Leftenent, Lil Spacely, Maribou State, NIKI, Noname, No Mono, Omar Apollo, Pip Blom, Rich Brian, Ryan Fennis, Saint Lane, These New South Whales, Todd Terje, Triple One, Vallis Alps, Wafia, Westerman, Willaris. K, and more

Current US PR: Alpine, Allen Tate (San Fermin), Hayes Peebles, Happy Sundays LBC, Jay Cooper & Apollo Renegade, Lila Gold, Mono/Poly, Parisalexa, Sunset Rollercoaster, and more

Current Australia & US PR: breathe., Christopher Port, Erthlings, and more.

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